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Would you like to increase the value of your crops?

If you don't know, you loseHow to make original ice cream

We specialize in developing original ice cream made from agricultural products.

If you can provide it as a raw material for ice cream instead of discarding non-standard products and B products,

It can be reborn as a valuable product.


You don't need to have any product knowledge.

Please be assured that we will provide total support from product planning, manufacturing, storage, and sales.


Here are some frequently asked questions about manufacturing.

Q: What is the minimum lot?

A: In the case of cups, it starts from 280 pieces.

Q: How big is the cup?

A: I usually use a 94ml cup.

Q: Can you make a large commercial size?

A: We can prepare from 4L4 and 2L8.

Q: How much is the price?

A: From 180 yen per piece (depending on the raw materials used and the number of products manufactured)

Q: Will you put the lid seal on the cup?

A: Yes. We will paste it before packing the ice cream.

(Please provide the original sticker.)

Q: Can you also make a cup lid seal?

A: Yes. We can also design and print it.

(Initial design fee 10,000 yen) (Separately, it costs 20 to 30 yen per sticker.)

Q: Do you have to pay for product development and trial production?

A: Yes. We charge 10,000 yen (tax included) for each product.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.


Why not make ice cream?

Advantages and disadvantages

Why not make ice cream?

I will talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

Typical processed agricultural products,

Compare jams, juices, jellies and ice cream.

First of all, there are two disadvantages


* It costs money to store


Since a freezer is required for storage, it costs money to prepare and maintain the freezer.


* Difficult to take out or sell on the move

Ice melts, so you need to prepare an ice pack when you sell it.


Next, there are three merits.

* There is no expiration date

The biggest merit of ice cream is that it has no expiration date.

It is low risk because it does not need to be destroyed.

* Gelato name value

Of the four items: jam, juice, jelly, and gelato

Which one feels the most expensive?

From the image of "gelato" compared to other products

You can set the unit price high.


* Expected to sell throughout the year

Recently, eating ice cream in a warm room has become established even in winter.

It sells best in summer, but compared to juices and jellies,

There is demand even in relatively winter.

Gelato is also popular with people of all ages.

How is it?

Among the processed products, the number of lots is small and there is no expiration date, so

Isn't it easy for anyone to make?

By using local agricultural products, there is a backup of cities and towns,

In many cases, they can be placed at agricultural cooperatives, roadside stations, and park shops.

Put the name of the farm on the ice cream lid seal,

Let's enhance the advertising effect.

However, what you have to be careful about is

No matter how good a product you make, you can't sell it just by putting it in a freezer case.

Disseminate the thoughts and stories of making agricultural products through POP and SNS,

It is important to communicate firmly.

The value as a product is created only when the customer picks it up.

"How to sell rather than what to sell"

At Marino, you can market well even after manufacturing

I will follow and advise.

Reduce losses and turn them into profits.

Is there still a reason not to make ice cream?


Samples can also be created.

Please feel free to contact us.

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