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What can you do through gelato?



As you can imagine

It's not a typical gelato shop.

We have two major jobs.

One is our own brand


"Total Natural Ice Confectionery"

The finest fruit gelato with pericarp

"Not the stars have always, even beautiful, healthy"

A gift for loved ones.

The second is another company's brand

Only one original ice cream in the world

To support making.


A story about 15 years ago,

When I was visiting a farmer in the neighborhood in search of delicious ingredients,

From a certain strawberry farmer

"I have some strawberries left over, so I want them to be iced."

"I will sell it myself"

I was told.

When I didn't even have the word "sixth industrialization"

That person had begun to process, distribute, and sell the product.

Instead of buying ingredients and selling ice cream

Have the producer provide the material

Make original ice cream

Ask the producer to sell it.

Speaking of agricultural products until then,

Non-standard products and scratches are discarded as a matter of course.

The taste is not a problem at all

I felt it was a waste.

This was the trigger

" Reduce food loss and create valuable products. 』\


It has become our current style.

After that, with the support of the "sixth industrialization" of the national and municipalities,

Increased added value of agricultural products depending on the production area,

Diversification of farmer's management, increasing number of younger generations,

Making original products becomes the standard.

In line with this movement, our work has expanded by word of mouth,

Now working with many farmers,

Really valuable only one product


Continues to send.

[Agricultural products handled]

Strawberries, blueberries, pears, chestnuts, apricots, grapes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apples,

Plums, figs, mandarins, kiwis, corn, green soybeans, soybean flour, bananas,

Rice, mango, persimmon, butternut, popo, egg, perilla, kabosu, yuzu,

Melon, coriander, Japanese mustard spinach, taro, pumpkin, etc.

Besides, sake, sake lees, soy sauce, miso, matcha, roasted green tea, etc.

It is also possible to make using processed products.

"There is nothing that gelato can't do. ]

Please contact us once.




Junya Ikeda



The second generation that succeeded the previous generation.

Born in 1982 and raised in Kumagaya. Going to America alone in high school.

After returning to Japan and graduating from Kanagawa University, he went to Australia.

I got a job at a travel agency in Cairns and worked as a tour guide.

After returning to Japan, I experienced restaurants and florists,

At the age of 25, he returned to Kumagaya to help his father's company.

He has no training experience at other stores and is self-taught.

Qualified as a vegetable sommelier

Identify the characteristics of vegetables and fruits,

Maximize the goodness of the material

Make gelato. ​​


Instead of just making ice cream

Product planning, design, sales method, etc.

Supports marketing in general.


To make only one product

I'm constantly exploring the possibility of creating a small gelato shop.

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