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​I want you to be beautiful and healthy

​Total natural ice cream

Hand-cut out the raw fruits one by one

Fruit gelato with pericarp as a container.

We are particular about purchasing fruits and vegetables.

From hollowing out to gelato production to serving

Everything is done consistently at our own factory.

Marino is the only company in the world that performs all of this process for many varieties.

After purchasing raw fruits and vegetables

A craftsman with a vegetable sommelier determines how ripe it is,

Hollow out when it's most delicious.

The gelato returned to the pericarp

The flavor is transferred from the natural leather to the gelato, giving it a deep flavor.

Not to mention the taste, the beauty of its appearance

Recognized as a first-class hotel

For hotel gifts such as Imperial Hotel and Yokohama Bay Sheraton

There is also a track record of being adopted.

The finest fruit gelato made using only natural ingredients

It is low in calories, nutritious and gentle on the body.

"I want you to be beautiful and healthy all the time."

To the important person who thinks

The moment you open the box


To smile.

We promise that you will be truly pleased.


We will deliver your feelings packed in gelato.

Both the recipient and the sender can smile

Such a gift is here.


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