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In everyday life​ Would you like to start living with gelato?

For those with small children and those with a high awareness of beauty and health

At the factory direct sales store in Kumagaya City

LuxuryBesides fruit gelato "total natural ice cream"

We have a lot of bargain cups, ice monaka, fruit bar and so on.

From the desire to make gelato more familiar and feel

"Eat gelato every day for good health"

We offer overwhelming cost performance based on the concept.

Household consumption of ice cream continues to increase year by year

Eating ice cream in a warm room has become established even in winter.

Various ice creams are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores,

New works are appearing every week.

I think

I want you to be as conscious as eating because you have more opportunities to eat.

"Just adding coloring and spices to sugar water"

"Vegetable oils and fats are added to give a rich feeling."

"Adjusted with artificial sweeteners to reduce calories"

Now it is full of various "things".

What is good and what is bad is the person's values,

I'm on the food maker side

If you are in the middle of raising a child, you really want to avoid the above things as much as possible.

So the gelato you make yourself

No fragrance, no coloring, no artificial sweets.


Moderately sweet and nutritious, it is more like fruit than regular ice cream.

Even if you eat every day, even small children

You can enjoy it with confidence.




Only on Saturday or Sunday



Since I made it, I have never frozen it hard,

Soft type gelato

You can only taste it at the factory direct sales shop

Enjoy a blissful time.

I want to tell someoneImpressive fresh gelato


● The sale date of "Namajera" is subject to change. Please check SNS for the latest information on factory direct sales stores.

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